Certon – Bien qu’à grand tort


Back now to the 1552 ‘Supplement’ and the first series of Ronsard settings


Bien qu’à grand tort


Pierre Certon


Supplement musical to the 1552 edition of Les amours de P de Ronsard Vandomoys, ensemble le cinquiesme de ses Odes, 1552

(text on recmusic.org/lieder site here)
(blog entry here)
(listen to the score here)
(no recorded extract – another of the early songs that has not yet been recorded)


Another song with a striking slow start in long notes. Tiersot transcribes the two occurrences of this 3-semibreve motif in a different time-signature, thus setting them off more visibly from the remainder of the song. As in Certon’s other setting (so far), I feel he is a bit mean to the altos – they get a rather uninteresting and repetitive line filling in whatever spaces are left in the harmony, as often as not!


CertBQGT_0001 CertBQGT_0002 CertBQGT_0003 CertBQGT_0004 CertBQGT_0005




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