Janequin – Nature ornant




Nature ornant


Clément Janequin (c1485-1558)


Supplement musical to the 1552 edition of Les amours de P de Ronsard Vandomoys, ensemble le cinquiesme de ses Odes, 1552


(text on recmusic.org/lieder site here)
(blog entry here)
(listen to the score here)
(recorded extract here)


Another of the set of musical arrangements offered with the 1552 edition of Ronsard’s amours, by the ‘old guard’ representative Janequin.  This one balances its polyphonic and homophonic sections, and also has a nice piece of imitation in the sestet setting between Superius and Tenor, as both (rather daringly!) descend a complete octave step-wise not once but twice.

Oddly, having just posted a link to Costeley on YouTube for a piece where I was spoiled for choice, I am returning to YouTube for this one – because it’s the the only recording of it I can find! The lower parts are a bit skimpy, but the tune comes through well. (Those octave descents are around 2mins into the video.)


Jan-NO_0001 Jan-NO_0002 Jan-NO_0003 Jan-NO_0004 Jan-NO_0005 Jan-NO_0006





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