Amours retranch. 35

Dame, je ne vous puis offrir à mon depart
Sinon mon pauvre coeur, prenez-le je vous prie
Si vous ne le prenez, autre nouvelle amie
(J’en jure par vos yeux) jamais n’y aura part.
Je le sens déjà bien, comme joyeux il part
Hors de mon estomach, peu soigneux de ma vie,
Pour vous aller servir, et rien ne le convie
D’y aller (ce dit-il) que vostre doux regard.
Or si vous le chassez, je ne veux qu’il revienne
Dedans mon estomach en sa place ancienne,
Comme celuy qui hait ce qui vous desplaira.
Il m’aura beau conter sa peine et son malaise,
Car bien qu’il soit à moy, plus mien il ne sera,
Pour ne voir rien chez-moy (Dame) qui vous desplaise.
                                                                            My Lady, I can offer you as I leave
                                                                            Only my poor heart; take it I beg you.
                                                                            If you do not take it, another new beloved
                                                                            Will never (I swear it by your eyes) share it.
                                                                            I can already feel it strongly, as it joyously leaves
                                                                            From my breast, caring little for my life,
                                                                            To go and serve you, and nothing urges it
                                                                            To go there (so it says) but your sweet glance.
                                                                            Now if you chase it away, I want only for it to come back
                                                                            Into my breast in its old place
                                                                            As one who hates whatever will displease you.
                                                                            It will in vain have told me of its pain and unhappiness
                                                                            For although it is mine it won’t be any more
                                                                            On seeing nothing here, my Lady, which might displease you.
In his efforts to describe a paradox (in the sestet), Ronsard ends up rather confused – in my view. Enough, at least, to have withdrawn the poem later. What he means is more or less clear: ‘my heart can come back, but only to take up watch for anything displeasing to you; it will remain yours, and as it will see nothing here to displease you it won’t need to change its loyalty’.
No variants to report from Blanchemain.

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