Goudimel – Quand j’apperçoy




Quand j’apperçoy ton beau chef jaunissant


Claude Goudimel


Supplement musical to the 1552 edition of Les amours de P de Ronsard Vandomoys, ensemble le cinquiesme de ses Odes, 1552


(text not yet on Lieder.net site)
(blog entry here)
(listen to the score here)
(recorded extract here – source:  La fleur des musiciens de Pierre de Ronsard, Ensemble Vocal de Radio-Canada)


Another of the early pieces from the 1552 edition of the Amours. Like others, a largely homophonic style loosening up a bit at the end: it works well with the larger choir used in the recording, which is of the opening stanza only. There are some nice touches but a distinctly looser marriage of text and music than in the later madrigalistic style of Lassus.


Quand j'appercoy_0001
Quand j'appercoy_0002Quand j'appercoy_0003
Quand j'appercoy_0004
Quand j'appercoy_0005


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