Lassus – Rendz moy mon coeur




Rendz moy mon coeur


Orlande de Lassus


Les Meslanges d’Orlande de Lassus, 1576


(text on site here)
(blog entry here)
(listen to the score here)
(recorded extract here – source:  Lassus – French chansons etc, Cantus Cölln)


A quite precise structural approach from Lassus here: slow, measured opening, then more running figures in the middle section, then more syncopated/off-beat action towards the end. There are some grand madrigalist gestures too: “ou la mort retarde” (‘or hold back death’) in the middle has all the voices (except the top one) suddenly slow to long-held chords; and just afterwards “au cours” (‘in the course of’ – but “cours” also means ‘running’) generates little running figures everywhere! As usual Lassus sets his words with close attention to their natural emphasis: a feature which sets him apart from many of his French conmtemporaries who seem to have been unable to match his ear while also delivering the music.


Rendz moy mon coeur_0001
Rendz moy mon coeur_0002
Rendz moy mon coeur_0003
Rendz moy mon coeur_0004
Rendz moy mon coeur_0005
Rendz moy mon coeur_0006
Rendz moy mon coeur_0007
Rendz moy mon coeur_0008
Rendz moy mon coeur_0009


And here are the pages from the 1576 edition.


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