Janequin – Qui vouldra voir



Qui vouldra voir comme un Dieu me surmonte


Clément Janequin


Supplement musical to the 1552 edition of Les amours de P de Ronsard Vandomoys, ensemble le cinquiesme de ses Odes, 1552

(text on Lieder.net site here)
(blog entry here)
(listen to the score here)
(recorded extract here)


An attractive setting from Janequin, mixing the heavily rhythmic, chordal style with some attractive imitative runs in the various voices. The recorded extract is the repeat of the quatrain and the first half of the sestet – the last tercet essentially repeats the music of the first, so you can hear almost all the music in this short segment!


Qui vouldra voir_0001 Qui vouldra voir_0002 Qui vouldra voir_0003 Qui vouldra voir_0004 Qui vouldra voir_0005


I was delighted to find a copy of the Supplement on the website of the early music group Ludus Modalis – a big thank you to them for making it available!  I’ve extracted the pages for Janequin’s song so you can see what it looks like in the 1552 publication, the parts laid out 2×2 on each opening, in the normal style of the time.   (Note that Tiersot’s transcription, which I have followed, halves the note values.)






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