Lassus – Amour Amour




Amour Amour donne moy paix ou treve


Roland de Lassus


Livre de chansons nouvelles … , 1571


(text on site here)
(blog entry here)
(listen to the score here)
(recorded extract here – source: Lassus – Sibylline prophecies, chansons etc, Cantus Cölln)


There are moments in this setting which are achingly beautiful – the soprano line at “trouver ma delivrance” (in part 2) for instance – that this at times almost begins to sound like the melody-led songs of another century. But it is still firmly polyphonic, and much more so than the settings of his French contemporaries. It’s rather a jolly setting, very rhythmic though with plenty of variation in the tempo, and lots of melodic fragments being passed from voice to voice or overlapping in a riotous blend.

This is the last remaining Ronsard setting by Lassus to be added to the blog. We’ve also had Bertrand’s setting of this poem, though I’ve had to remove that until I can get a copyright-free version; and there are several more versions to come as this was one of the most frequently set Ronsard texts.

The recording by Cantus Cölln unfortunately doesn’t make as much as I’d like of the end of part 2, so I’ve selected the end of part 1 instead!


Las_AADM_0007seconde partie








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