Goudimel – Une jeune pucelette




Une jeune pucelette


Claude Goudimel


Huitiesme Livre de Chansons, Le Roy & Ballard 1559

(text on Lieder.net site here)
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(listen to the score here)
(recording not available)


Perhaps my favourite setting by Goudimel! You’d imagine, with this jokey text about loving two lasses at once, with its repeating text making the point that there’s nothing to choose between them but their shape, that Goudimel might have gone for a jokey setting. But no, this is instead a warm, amiable and indeed charming setting which emphasises the love rather than the jokes, in the certainty that Ronsard is sincere. Indeed Goudimel goes out of his way to vary the verses in subtle ways, so that his ‘skinny’ girl is a touch lighter than his ‘plump’ one.

Despite its charms no-one seems to have noticed it: I can’t find a recording anywhere 😦

The song didn’t appear in the first print of book 8 (1557), only in the second (1559).







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