Millot – Bel Aubepin verdissant




Bel Aubepin verdissant


Nicolas Millot


Neufiesme Livre de Chansons, Le Roy & Ballard 1559

(text on site here)
(blog entry here)
(listen to the score here)
(recording not available)


Posting another Millot song I quoted Frank Dobbins telling us how Millot worked in an older, more homophonic style – which that song did not fit! Here, then, is Millot in old-fashioned style, almost relentlessly homophonic. Only the openings of phrases, or the cadences, really depart from the regular chordal progress; apart from the occasional dotted figures in one voice or another creating a little pleasing variety.  Yet, Millot manages the ‘limitations’ of this style with aplomb, creating variety and interest throughout, never letting the song sink into monotonous rhythm, and producing a rather attractive setting!

Sadly, no-one has recorded it, so I cannot demonstrate its attractiveness other than through the ‘midi’ version I’ve linked to, above…







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