Clereau – Nature ornant




Nature ornant la dame


Pierre Clereau (or Cler’eau)  (c.1520-c.1567)


Dixiesme Livre de Chansons, Le Roy & Ballard 1559

(text on site here)
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(listen to the score here)
(recording not available)


Completing our sweep through Clereau’s Ronsard settings in book 10 is Nature ornant. This is a rather more straightforward setting than the extensive Comment au departir, almost entirely free of accidentals (and thus not venturing into other keys) and while perhaps unremarkable it is a gentle, pleasant, and well-written example of the mid-sixteenth-century French style. If you compare the Janequin setting, you can see that things have moved on a little from his style.

Perhaps because it is not unusual, there are (so far as I can find) no recordings available.








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