There are two ways to listen to the songs I’m putting on this blog:

  • a recording, usually either a YouTube post I’ve found, or an extract from a recording I own which I’ve put on Mediafire. Both are accesed simply by clicking the link provided
  • a ‘play-through’ of the score, synthesised by the software behind the Sibelius score-editing package.

To play through the score, click on the link provided: this will take you to the relevant page on Score Exchange:


Below the score info, and above the score itself (which you can page through) you’ll see a button marked “Scorch plug-in”. Click this: if you haven’t downloaded and/or authorised Scorch you’ll need to follow the instructions on the site to do so:


Once you’ve got Scorch up & running, you’ll see a new band of controls, allowing you to play through the score. You’ll have to put up with the synthesised sound, but it’s a lot better than nothing!