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600 posts!


Apparently that was my 600th post!

Well, those 600 posts, spread erratically over the last four years, have covered all of Amours 1 (Cassandre) and most of Amours 2 (Marie); and all of the first book of Helen’s sonnets. There are also a variety of other longer and shorter poems on the blog, and a growing number of song-settings which feature Ronsard’s poetry. As my son would say, “Are we nearly there yet?”  Not really: I reckon I might have worked through about 10% of Ronsard’s output, and about 25% of the songs. So there’s plenty more to take us to 1,000 posts and beyond …

Poetry or music…?


A quick apology to those who would like to see more of Ronsard, and less of his musicians!  I’ve been concentrating on the latter for a while and have quite a lot of music to upload. At the same time I am getting a bit bogged down with some of the long poems that finish off Ronsard’s first book of Amours… I will get back to the poetry, but I’m afraid there’ll be more music than poetry for a little while…

Baif’s copy of the Works


In a comment on another post, I was pointed to this edition of the Oeuvres (Buon, 1584). It’s worth taking a look, it’s a beautiful book & beautifully reproduced – I wish I could own one, but copies seem to sell for upwards of 20, 000 euros and I don’t think my family would be happy swapping all their holidays for the next few years for one book…! 🙂  However, scan back up to the top of the book – and there’s an ownership inscription. This was Baif’s own copy, and judging from the inscription (in Latin – “Jean Antoine de Baif received/accepted [this book] with a very grateful heart) given to him by Ronsard!!!!  Lovely things found on Google Books no.1…


music – playable scores


Just before returning to the poetry …  I’ve added links for both songs to ‘playable scores’. What do I mean by that? They are on Score Exchange, which lets you both see the score & page through it more effectively than a series of images on this blog; and also (click on the Scorch plug-in tab) lets you play through them with a free browser plug-in and hear them while reading the score. Neat technology!