Recueil des Pièces retranchées des Odes

For consistency, I’ve used the Blanchemain edition for these, though I have Marty-Laveaux’s “Odes retranchées” as well.  The order of pieces is that in Blanchemain’s edition, which I have numbered (he doesn’t) simply for convenience. 
(1)  Ode
(2) Ode à Marguerite
(4)  Ode
(11)  Ode à Jacques Peletier du Mans
(36)  Odelette
(43)  Ode
(44)  Odelette
(55)  Contre un qui luy desroba son Horace
(58)  A son Muse
(74)  Odelette
There are also odes collected elsewhere:
Je veux aymer ardentement

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