Recueil des Pièces retranchées des Amours


I’ve used the order of pieces in Marty-Lavaux’s edition; and numbered them for convenience. 
Sonnet 2
Sonnet 4
Sonnet 9
Sonnet 10  
Sonnet 11
Chanson  (11a)
 Sonnet 20
Sonnet 21
Sonnet 29
Sonnet 30 
Sonnet 31
Sonnet 32
Sonnet 33
Sonnet 34
Sonnet 35
Sonnet 36
Sonnet 37
Sonnet 38
Chanson  (38a)
Sonnet 39
Sonnet 40
Sonnet 41
Sonnet 42
Sonnet 43
Sonnet 44
Sonnet 45
Sonnet 46
Chanson  (47)
Chanson  (49)
Chanson  (50)
this one is no. 86 in Blanchemain’s set, but not found in Marty-Laveaux;
– and this chanson is collected by Marty-Laveaux into an “Autre recueil de sonnets”, other miscellaneous sonnets (and the occasional chanson) withdrawn by Ronsard.

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